Product Features

Point of sale

  • Sell Out of The Cooler
  • Sell over the phone
  • Process Credit Card Payments
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Sales Discounts
  • Specialized Recipients (Funeral/Weddings)
  • Customizable Message Cards
  • Customizable Delivery Charges
  • Time of Day Delivery Charges
  • Recipe driven products
  • Email Invoices & Receipts
  • Messaging to Production Designers
  • Messaging to Delivery
  • Save notes and documents
  • Customer Sales History
  • Mass Customer & Recipient Data Management

Point of Sale designed for the modern-day florist


Purchasing is a major component to almost any business

Purchasing Flourish


  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Create Purchase Orders from POS Sales
  • Create Purchase Orders from Event Quotes
  • Order Using Product Catalogue (over 10k products)
  • Attach Vendor Invoices to Inventory Receipts
  • Auto creation of inventory payables
  • Product Management
  • Mass Product Data Management


  • General Ledger
  • Drill down sub-ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Customer Statements
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Batch A/R
  • Cash Account Management
  • General Ledger

Keep track of your finances

What you have to do and the order it needs to get done

Delivery Flourish


  • Track Arrangement Production Status
  • Track Inventory Used
  • Set Priority on Arrangement Production Items
  • See what you send emails to your customers

Florist sales

  • Build arrangements for events
  • Customizable Event Templates
  • Email Customizable Event Proposals
  • Take Deposits
  • Purchase Goods Off Quotes
  • Estimate Event Costs
  • Save documents to quote line items
  • Create customer facing notes on line items

Quote to proposal, to sale, to purchase, information that flows

Know what you have what you need and what it will cost at the click of a button


Flourish Inventory

  • Receive items to various storage locations
  • Transfer items between locations
  • Replenishment allowing for easy PO creation
  • Create items arrangements for cooler sales
  • Easy inventory adjustments and wasting product
  • Inventory Counts

Flourish Reporting

  • Sales Reports
  • Marketing Reports
  • Employee Reports
  • Inventory Reports
  • Production & Delivery Reports
  • Accounting Reports
  • Multi-Year Comparison Reports

Reports that tell the tale of all facets of your business, the key to the Profit-Driven Florist