More Than POS!

The Profit-Driven florist needs more than just POS and an E-Commerce site. The Profit-Driven Florist requires answers to questions that go further into their business and processes. Whether you’re a shop of 1 or a shop of 50, the profit-driven florist understands that there’s more to running a successful flower shop than just selling arrangements.

“Am I using quality of the materials and how much of those materials am I using on each arrangement?”

“How efficient are my designers and are my sales staff selling enough?

“What have I done to engage not only new customers, but the loyal customers I’ve had for years and how successful was I? Am I making enough profit on each arrangement to cover all my costs?

The Profit-Driven Florist knows they need the answers to these questions and more and they can’t wait or compile all this data on their own, they need the answers in a single click.

That’s why we created Flourish!

What Can Flourish Handle?

Cloud support

Cloud Based



Accounting Floral Software



Delivery Tracking

Production Tracking

Production Text

Flourish Software

Payment Processing

Inventory Management

Inventory Managment

Floral Sales

Sales & Quoting



Your All-In-One Solution

Point of Sale, Event Quoting, Purchasing, To the Stem Inventory, Production, Delivery, Accounting & Reporting all playing in a harmonic symphony just for you. We’ll help you set it up and then you’re ready to drive your shop and become the Profit-Driven Florist. The florist that understands your revenue, your cost of materials, your expenses, your efficiencies AND your deficiencies all have a part to play in your success and your profit.

Why Flourish?

  • Over 12000 SKU Product Catalogue
  • Multi-Store Capable
  • Born in the cloud
  • Streamlined Information Flow
  • Your whole business in a single system
  • We’ll Integrate with other e-commerce & marketing platforms
  • Completely Integrated Accounting
  • Customizable delivery charges
  • Deduplication technology on customers, recipients & products
  • Real-Time Updates without Screen Refresh
  • Mass Data Management
  • Metrics on the performance of your perishable products
Flourish POS


At Flourish, it’s our mission to make software products that aid and guide the Profit-Driven Florist.